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Frequently asked questions

Before you contact a director, see if your your question answered below.


  • How do I join the club?
    Membership opens in September, and sells out quickly! Visit our join us page, and sign up online.

Day trips

  • How do I register for a day trip? Where do you go?
    Visit the Alpine or Nordic day trip pages to see our schedule, and register for a day trip. If you are driving up, register online if you plan to take a lesson.
  • Where do I board the day trip bus? Is there parking?
    Visit our pick up locations page. Parking is available close by.
  • Can I rent equipment? Are there lockers?
    On most weekend alpine trips, rentals and lockers are available from the resort. On mid-week trips, check with the resort first.

    On nordic trips, rentals are usually available, but confirm with the resort.
  • Can I bring friends or guests?
    Yes! Register your guest online when you book, and pay the guest fee. Guests may participate in a lesson, but may only attend twice during a season. Also, look for our "trial" day - open to the public.


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