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Travel policies

 Trip waiver

Acknowledgment NTSC is not a Travel Agent:
I acknowledge that NTSC is not acting as a travel agent, travel retailer or travel wholesaler within the meaning of the Travel Industry Act, 2002, as amended and that neither I nor any funds that I may pay or have paid to NTSC are protected by said Act, and that any recourse lies with the Trip Provider.

Adherence to NTSC By-laws and Trip Cancellation Policy:
I certify that I have read, understood and agree to abide by the By-laws of NTSC. I understand that payments made for trips or activities to the Tour Operator may not be refundable, in whole or in part, and that all payments made to the Tour Operator will be handled in accordance with the Trip Cancellation Policy for the trip.

Applicable Law:
NTSC is governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario, regardless of the destination of the trip.

 Travel Code of Conduct

All participants on an NTSC Travel Trip have accepted and must act in accordance with this Travel Code of Conduct.
  1. The Travel Director, his/her appointee (Trip Leader and/or Travel Committee Chair) or a NTSC Board of Director may, at his/her discretion, deal with any abnormal conduct by a member participating on an NTSC Travel trip – to serve the interest of the Club and its members.
  2. The appointed Trip Leader has the right to remove a member from the Travel trip if the member’s behaviour poses a threat to the physical security, safety or general well-being of other Club members. All costs associated with the removal will be the member’s responsibility.
  3. If any damage is caused by a member or individual participating on a NTSC Travel trip, the cost of repair will be charged to that individual and may be required to be paid before checking out of the accommodation for that NTSC Travel trip.

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