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We gather at each bus stop 10-15 minutes before the bus arrives and introduce ourselves. When the luxurious bus comes, we drop off our ski bags with the driver and register with the Bus Captain as we board the bus. Each happy skier chooses a seat that will be their own for the day.

When the bus arrives at the destination, the Drive-Up Coordinator or BC will distribute trail passes, and show renters where to get their gear. Lessons usually start about 30 minutes after arrival. Each lesson group meets its instructor at the pre-determined location.

We usually take a lunch or warm-up break after the lesson and then ski with friends. On some trips, we indulge in delicious food and drink at an Apres-ski event and get to know other members.

We gather at the bus about 15 minutes before departure time, do a headcount and, go on our merry way back home.  Chillin’ like villains, the wicked may rest from an adrenaline-filled day and catch some zzz.

What should I wear?

Temperatures and conditions vary all the time. Being a little cold before your start skiing is okay, being cold while you are skiing is not - dress in layers so you can adjust your clothing to your activity level. You will warm up quickly while moving, so wear thin layers that you can add or remove as you see fit. Ideally, these should be synthetic or wool as these fabrics wick away moisture. The idea is to not get damp so you won’t get cold when you stop moving.  Other recommendations are:

  • Unless you are taking a lesson, you may wish to leave the Gore-Tex shell at the chalet, or take a backpack to put it in as you warm up.
  • Bring a change of socks and top for the ride home. You don’t want to wear damp clothes on the bus.
  • Have a small bag with you to allow you to adjust to the skiing conditions. You may need:
    • Sunglasses or optical glasses with UV 400 protection, it’s important to protect your eyes
    • Water bottle - ideally, thermally insulated to prevent freezing
    • Phone - as a camera, to keep touch with the Bus Captain, and for emergency
    • Snack - some resorts have a fire pit for a quick stop
    • Lip balm or ChapStick
    • Enough room to take layers off as you warm-up
If you have a ski bag or a second bag to leave at the chalet or on the bus, consider packing:
  • Sunscreen
  • Neckwarmer
  • Extra fleece or vest
  • Spare top
  • Spare gloves or mitts
  • Spare ski socks
  • Ski wax appropriate to the conditions
  • Any relevant skiing equipment you may have

Will the trip run?

We make the decision on whether to run a trip on the Thursday before the trip, based on:

  • Insufficient demand for the trip: Please register as early as you can so that we know the level of demand as soon as possible. Cancellations are free up until the Thursday before the trip.
  • Weather and conditions: The XC team monitors ski conditions at the resorts and the weather. We might change locations if conditions are poor at the original destination.
  • Weather unsafe to commute: Although buses are safer than most cars, there might be occasions that the conditions are great for skiing but not for driving. We do not take risks in case of severe weather alerts such as freezing rain, icy roads or stormy conditions.
  • Pandemic related reasons: Due to government or industry policy, the Board of Directors will decide whether to cancel all or part of the season and issue a membership refund according to the club policy.

At the event NTSC would need to cancel a trip, we will issue a full refund on your account.

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