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Trips open for registration on defined dates and times. See the Air and Bus section on the Travel website page for the dates and times of the trip you are interested in joining. If you have a roommate in mind, make sure both of you register for the trip as early as possible once Sign-Up opens. Trip spots are assigned by the sum of the timestamps for both of your registrations, so if one of you signs up early and other late, you may not both get spots on your prefer trip. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO JOIN THE WAITLIST (see #6. below).

The number of available spots on a Travel trip are limited and trips can fill up quickly -- the Travel Committee recommends you complete Steps 1 and 2 well in advance of the Travel trip sign-up time.

1.  Log into your NTSC account at and go to the Travel page.

2.  Scroll down to the Trips section and click on the name of the trip you want to sign up for in the Destination column. This will take you to the registration page for the trip.

3.  Keep refreshing ⟳ the page until you see the REGISTER link, which should appear at the trip sign-up time posted on the Travel page (for example 9:00AM). Click on the link and follow the instructions to complete the trip Registration form. 

4.  The Registration form will include the following questions, along with a page to pay the non-refundable registration feeALL questions/ fields must be answered in order to complete your registration.  Please ensure you type Not Applicable or N/A in the  Roommate name field if you have selected "No roommate / single room" option. Some trips can fill up very quickly, so type fast!

5.  You will need to pay the non-refundable registration fee for your registration to be complete.  You are not registered until you have paid this fee and must complete this step within 15 minutes or your registration will be cancelled. 

6.   If the room type you want is sold out, please join the Waitlist. There are lots of logistics involved with assigning room types and matching roommate requests. It may be that once we have reviewed all the registrations, we are able to open up additional rooms of the type you would like. 

7.  If you completed all steps correctly, you'll receive an automated email from indicating you have successfully Registered for the trip or been added to the Waitlist. Further emails will be sent requesting additional information for the trip.

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