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Please ensure to dress in layers so you can adjust your clothing to your activity level. Some Items to consider to bring:

  • Helmet
  • Ski or board lock
  • Goggles
  • Sun screen
  • Lip balm or Chap Stick
  • Neck warmer/face mask
  • Extra fleece or vest
  • Spare top
  • Spare gloves or mitts
  • Spare ski socks

Beginner or new Skier/riders

Beginner lift tickets 

Some resorts have a Beginner Lift ticket. This provides access to beginner lifts only at a lower cost, compared to a regular ticket. As a relatively new skier (Step 1 & 2) or beginner snowboarder, you will not need access to the entire mountain as you will stay in the learning areas. 

Before you register, confirm that the package is available from the resort, and select "BUS ONLY" when registering for your trip. Once at the hill, immediately buy a beginner ticket from the ticket counter, or buy online in advance. 

  • If you need rentals: You should opt out of the NTSC lift ticket and instead purchase a Beginner Package from the hill. This includes both lift ticket and rentals.
  • If you have your own gear: You should opt out of the NTSC lift ticket, and instead purchase a Beginner Lift ticket (only) from the hill

Once you are promoted to Step 3 Skiing or Intermediate Snowboard, you will need a full lift pass to access Blue Terrain.

Beginner Lessons

Members are entitled to a lesson at no charge on every day trip.

For beginners, we have created a "Full Day Beginner Lesson" where you will have a smaller lesson group and an instructor will be with you all day long! This will occur on Saturdays and Sundays only for the first six weeks of the season starting on January 4th, 2020.


Rentals should be available from the resort at an extra cost. You will be asked for your weight, height, age and skier type (Beginners are “Type I”) so that your equipment can be set and release correctly.

For Wednesday trips, please check with the individual resorts.

Lockers (unavailable during covid)

  • Lockers at Mount St Louis Moonstone require a $5 deposit for a key and give you multiple in-out access. A $2 refund will be made when you return the locker key at the end of the day.
  • Lockers at Blue Mtn. are coin operated, so remember to bring lots of change (quarters, loonies and toonies). You pay every time you open and close it. The lockers in the South Base lodge rental area are a little more expensive than those upstairs in the chalet, but are a little larger.
  • Private clubs (Wednesday trips) have no lockers. Please take your valuables with you. Also, a lot of the private clubs DON'T have ski racks with locks - theft can be a concern so it is advised that you lock your equipment with a cable lock.

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