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We love to welcome your guests, but we get a lot of questions on how to register them with you.  Read on for more information:

When Can they Come?

Members can bring a maximum of 2 guests per trip. Guests can attend a maximum of 2 times within a season. If they wish to become a member, then one guest fee will be credited upon application.  Members must travel on the bus with guests.

registering guests

When you are registering for a Bus Event, you can choose to add your guests at that time. If you would like to add guests after you have already registered, then you can email to do so. If you are emailing, please include the following information:

  • Name of guest
  • Email of guest
  • Would they like a lesson? Yes or No
  • If yes:
    • Would they like a Ski or Snowboard lesson?
    • What level are they? (approximate is fine)


There is a limitation in our booking system which means prevents us registering your guests for bus only. When you register a guest for Alpine Day Trips you will be invoiced for Bus & Lift. If your guest does not need a lift ticket (ie. they have a seasons pass or will be getting a Beginner Package from the hill) please indicate that to the Bus Captain during the ride up to the hill on the bus. After the event is over, we will reconcile the trip and you will see a credit on your account in the amount of the lift ticket.

Where to meet for lessons

Blue Mountain

We meet on the South Base at Blue Mountain, between the Chalet and Southern Comfort chair.


We meet our skiers and boarders at the Mt. Saint Louis chalet.  If you are facing the hill in front of the clock tower, it is slightly to your right.

Private Clubs

We meet on the snow outside the chalet.

Waitlist procedures

We encourage you to join the waitlist if the trip is currently sold out! If a spot opens up, this is the process we follow:

  • We email you to inform you that you have been added to the trip
  • Within the email we provide you with a set period of time you can respond to remove yourself from the trip
  • If you do not respond to the email indicating you no longer wish to be on the trip by the deadline, then you are considered on the trip
  • If you do not receive an email, then unfortunately a spot has not opened up for you.

how to cancel

If you would like to cancel your trip, we ask that you follow either of the steps below.  Member cancellation is preferred. Cancellation deadlines are outlined within the individual events.

1. member cancellation

Navigate on the website to the event:

Click on the "Already Registered" link below the Register button on the bottom left corner.

Click on the "Cancel Registration" button and follow the prompts.

2. email cancellation

Email and include your event date, location, and type trip details (ie. Blue Mountain, Jan 10, Bus)

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