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This is my fourth year as a member at NTSC and I wish I’d joined earlier. The people, the skiing, the lessons, the fun, the trips and the convenience make for a great overall experience. This volunteer club runs better than some businesses I encounter!

My own ski journey started when I was seven as a new immigrant. Yes, I wore leather lace up boots and rode wooden skis with bear trap bindings. But skiing got put aside for numerous other activities and I left the slopes for over 30 years. One of my daughters wanted to try and after renting better equipment than I’d ever owned we both had a lesson (an interesting concept – who knew!) the journey started for her and restarted for me. 

It’s a great challenge to continue to improve and fun to enjoy the slopes. I’ve now skied in 23 countries, combining my loves of meeting people, travelling and skiing. There have been surprises, hiccups and disappointments, but the snow beckons!

I am very honoured to contribute to the wellbeing of the club as part of the Board and working with a very strong team. I Iook forward to meeting and talking with members about our club and how we can continue to provide an excellent experience.

Vice President

I found the NTSC at a bar during my first summer in Toronto back in 2010. I thought, "this is such a variety of people, but they can't be co-workers. They are having too much fun!" That September, I waited on line (or as Canadian say in line) to secure my membership. I continue to develop as a snowboarder (thanks to ski school) and take tons of trips. I've given back as director and chair. I look forward to continuing to engage other members to volunteer with the club.


This will be my third season with NTSC and like many, wish I had joined earlier. I started skiing when I was 3 and picked up snowboarding as a teenager.  When I moved back to Toronto I felt like something was missing and once I joined NTSC, I knew I’d found my community. I love being part of this club and being able to give back as a trip leader, volunteer and now on the Board.

I have a love of the outdoors and travel; this club allows me to enjoy both while spending time with some fantastic people.


First-time on the slopes was at MSL ski camp organized by my high school back in winter 2005... fast forward 15 years skiing lead to me many incredible altitudes at Whistler, Revelstoke, Kicking Horse, Banff, Aspen, Tremblant, Sugarloaf... More maps to unfold, more slopes to unlock. I picked up sailing as a summer sport a few years ago by joining J-town, and folks from there recommended NTSC that offers a tremendous amount of value in ski lessons, day trip buses and charter trips. Passed CSIA level 1 in Feb 2020 and looking to get more times on the slope to improve for level 2 next year.

I'm a CPA, so treasury/accounting work seems a complementary way I could contribute to the club.


Next year will be my 10th year with the NTSC and I'm so thankful for all the friendships and rewarding experiences brought to me through the Club's social events, charter trips, as a Snowschool Instructor and as a volunteer.  With all that the Club has given me – I am excited to give back to our community by leading the Charters Committee for the 2020/2021 season!

Planning for the upcoming ski season will be a difficult one given the uncertainty with COVID19 and the state of the travel industry. The Charters Committee will monitor the situation as it unfolds and will work hard to bring another fantastic Charters season to our members! 

If you have any questions about our charter trips or suggestions - don't hesitate to contact me.


I was fortunate enough to grow up in BC where I spent all of my winters from the age of 3 on the snow and in the mountains … loving every minute of it. When I moved to Toronto in 2016, I didn’t know where to ski and missed my time on the hills immensely. Last year I discovered NTSC and it quickly became my community and gateway into Toronto. I really enjoyed getting out as much as possible and sharing my passion with a group of like-minded, fun and enthusiastic skiers / boarders that I am now happy to call my friends.

I enjoyed my experience with NTSC so much that I decided to jump in with both feet to plan the daytrips for 2017/2018. I want all members to enjoy this great sport and will work with the resorts, bus companies and our IT department to bring you the best experience possible for a travelling ski club. You should expect nothing less from NTSC!

If you see me on the bus, on the hill, at any of the socials, or just bump into me downtown, feel free to reach out! I’d love all suggestions regarding Day Trips and the Club!

Funny note about me: I love the rain, because when it’s raining in the mainland it usually means it’s snowing in the mountains!  I look forward to you sharing a funny thing about yourself with me!

(Editors Note: Laura was the winner of our Most Enthusiastic New Member in 2016/2017)


Snow has always been wonderful to interact with, especially when growing up in a warm climate country. Since immigrating to Canada in the Summer of 2013, I have been hitting the snow every winter. My experience is mostly around Nordic and Alpine skiing, although in 2019, I mainly invested my time in snowboarding. Around that time, I first heard about the idea of ski clubs from a good friend, who enticed me to join, and 2020 was my first season with the club.

There is no need to waste time and energy driving in traffic or through snowstorms to enjoy winter activities. Instead, there is a good chunk of time to relax, get to know fellow adventurers and form some friendships while feeling so much better with one's environmentalism-driven values to prevent so many cars on the road. NTSC offers value in providing access to nature and outdoors both sustainably and socially while having the opportunities to continuously improve one's skill level and social circle at a great price.

I am honoured to contribute my time and professional expertise in project and operations management to NTSC's wellbeing as part of the Board and work with a very strong team through the various current challenges. I look forward to meeting and talking with members about our club and how we can continue to provide an excellent experience. If you see me on the bus, snow, socials, or just bump into me in Toronto, please feel free to reach out. I would love all suggestions regarding the Nordic program and the club going forward.


Allison has been an NTSC member for over 20 seasons and this is her 7th term as Snow School Director.  During these years, she has been an active member sharing her time and talent as club President, Vice President, Director and committee volunteer with various club committees such as Charters, Socials, and Membership.  Allison is a recipient of both NTSC's Landmark Award and Floyd-Levitt Trophy.

Allison brings over 25 years of ski teaching experience, is a partially certified CSIA Level 4 instructor, Level 1 Course Conductor, is the current Vice Chair of the Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance Board of Directors and served 7 years on the CSIA Ontario Board of Directors.

You will find Allison on our Day Trips organizing our fantastic team of over 80 certified instructors who provide lessons to our club members and their guests.

Social director

Traveling up to a hill with a bunch of strangers or going on trips with people you don’t know isn’t much fun.  You could join a ski club for a number of reasons, but the desire to experience skiing or boarding with friends is usually top of the list.  People want to ski, party, and travel with people that they know.  Does this sound like you?

North Toronto Ski Club has a well-earned reputation as club for people to meet members who then become friends. They become part of an active community of like-minded people that make the most of Canadian winters … both on and off of the slopes.

My job as social director, is to provide opportunities for members to get together for fun, and that is exactly what we will do in 2019/2020.  Toronto is a big place with lots to do.  Make the most out of the opportunity that NTSC provides to you both on and off of the slopes and join us!

Note from Membership Chair on Stuart’s Modesty: Stuart is a 3 time winner of the Most Contributing Male (Doug Ferrier Award), former Marketing and Membership Director and perennial chairperson for NTSC during his 17+ years with the club.


I taught myself how to downhill ski, on the steep crazy Lebanese mountains (2000m). I moved to Toronto a few years ago and wanted to reinvigorate my skiing skills and enjoy the winter outdoors. A close family friend, introduced me to NTSC, and since then I have enjoyed skiing with the club, meeting new people, who I now call friends, and learning new techniques!  

I am an art director who lives & breathes advertising/marketing as a day job and I intend to use my skills in supporting NTSC. 

Operations and Technology Director

Geoff TempleI began skiing as a child and on my first time out I borrowed a pair of skies with non-releasing bindings (yes, they did exist).  I survived the experience and eventually found myself skiing only once every 3 to 4 years.  All that changed when my wife Lisa and I joined NTSC in 2013 when looking to reinvigorate our passion for the sport.  NTSC did just that. Aside from day trips, I attend at least one weekend charter and one week long charter each year to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the fantastic company of other NTSCers.

My background is I.T. so Director of Operations and I.T. is a great way I can help our club.

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