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One of many joys of skiing is carving. The thrill of feeling the skies work and leaving two thin lines in the snow from one arc to another. This clinic will show you how to develop balance on your edges while carving arcs in the snow.

Prerequisite: Recommend NTSC Step level 6 or higher. Limit 24 people


Learn some key approaches to manage your way down steep terrain in comfort and control

Prerequisite: Recommend NTSC step 7 or higher limit 24 people


One of the greatest learning tools is matching perception and observation. You will have the opportunity to see yourself on video with guided professional feedback based on what you see.

Prerequisite: Recommend NTSC step 4 or higher. Limit 16 people


It is always fun to get “air” intentionally. Learn to jump, to launch, land, proper safety and edict.

Prerequisite: Recommend NTSC step 5 or higher limit 8 people


There is magic in watching someone dance down a narrow snow covered corridor on skies in a series of short radius turn. Learn some of the secrets and technique to develop your short turns and as a result better enjoy more of the mountain terrain.

Prerequisite: Recommend NTSC step 6 or higher limit 24 people


Come and see how much fun it can be to ski with gates as training tools and challenges, which will develop your skills. This is not “race training” but creating an environment that promotes skill improvement.

Prerequisite: Recommend NTSC step 5 or higher Minimum 12 people


Bumps on a ski slope can be some of the most fun a skier can have. Learn from the best how to navigate in the bumps and how to use them to make skis turns easier and faster. Will improve your confidence and comfort when skiing bumps.

Prerequisite: Recommend NTSC step 6 or higher limit 24 people


Everyone who does this wishes they had sooner. It is fun to learn where to look and turn when running gates and then how to get fast! It is a thrill, on a closed course for practice. This is also a great way to prep for “Club Championships”

Prerequisite: Recommend NTSC ski step 5 or higher, Snowboard Novice or higher. Minimum 12 people

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