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socials during a pandemic are, what’s the word?, tricky.

And then there are our major events, Kick-off, Holiday Party, Year-End. These are almost inconceivable right now in the way that we have done it in the past (although we hold out hope for the year-end). And, people may not enjoy these events virtually. 300 people with open mics on a Zoom call sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

Still, we would LOVE to still do socials every two weeks and make them fun and memorable.

We have some events we are working on now that include:

  • Virtual wine/vodka/scotch/? tasting with a professional
  • Cooking classes
  • Scavenger Hunt with online reveal
  • Online games including Trivia
  • Ice skating seems like a natural
If you have ideas, or things that you have been part of that worked for other organizations, let us know and we will investigate how this could work for us and our 1,150 members.  We really do hope to see you soon!

Upcoming socials

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