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Using a safe and progressive approach, this clinic is for snowboarders who are new to entering the Snowboard Park . You will learn the commonly accepted park etiquette and rules, how to inspect and identify the features in the park  (e.g.  jumps, rails, boxes, spines, etc.), where to stop, how to 'drop in', basic principles for hitting features, and the proper speed to hit the features.


This clinic is for intermediate to advanced shredders looking to get lots of mileage on the snow and make the maximum use of terrain available at the resort while still getting a few valuable tips to improve your freeride skills from your instructor.
Think “less talk and more rock”.


This clinic is for snowboarders who would like to shred the moguls. We will cater to those who have never entered a mogul field before, and to those who are seasoned veterans. We will explore skills like how to "double up", "gap" a mogul, ride using the corridor approach, ride the peaks, ride the valleys, or ride using the tornado approach.


In this clinic we will use a progressive approach and learn how to drop in and get some air off of moguls and snowboard park jumps. We'll catch some air using the four creators of lift: Coast, Pop, Ollie, and Nollie.


In this clinic we will teach snowboarders of various ability levels to race downhill through a set of race gates. We will teach you how to improve your time by taking the best 'line'.


In this clinic you'll learn to amp up your snowboard park style by stomping the four basic snowboard grabs: Indy grab, Mute Grab, Melon Grab and Stalefish Grab.


In this clinic for intermediate and advanced snowboarders you'll learn to safely ride and take the most efficient line through the  boarder cross course and features such as banked turns, berms, rollers, and step-ups.

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