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Snow School Updates:

Our Snow School continues to strengthen and develop with the following notable items added to our programming in recent years:

During regular season day trips, NTSC offers morning lessons which our members are welcome to take every day they join us on the hill.   Club Championshipsa long standing club favourite, is also planned towards the end of the season.

Where do i start?

For Downhill Skiing, we follow the CSIA's Ski Step ability system, ranging from steps 0 - 9. 

For Snowboarding, we offer 5 levels of coaching and teaching - Never-Ever, Beginner, Novice, Intermediate and Advanced

Lessons & Coaching

NTSC has one of the largest and most highly qualified ski schools in Canada! Whether you're just starting out, are an expert, or somewhere in between, our certified instructors have the right lesson for you. Helmets are required to participate in lessons.

Ski and snowboard lessons are offered on most day trips. 
** Note that on Wednesday day trips, snowboard lessons will only be available if there is availability of  instructors, and therefore snowboard lessons are not guaranteed.

We want you to get the most out of your lesson, so we group students with similar ability, pace and improvement goals. What step are you? 


The perfect place to start.


Become an even better skier/rider! 


Improve your technique, get more out of your equipment and conquer those harder runs with ease.


You've made it this far. You tackle the moguls like they don't exist and steeps like it's flat ground.

Now let's see what you can really do.

 ** Indicates that a Beginner Lift Ticket will be suitable for this class.


Take your skills to the next level with dedicated training towards specific technical goals. These special clinics will have limited spaces available, so make sure to register ahead of time to avoid disappointment!

Free Ride Jam Session - Skiers and Snowboarders unite and explore the mountain looking for fun features and terrain to challenge and express your own unique style, try copying others and creating some of your “own moves”  You will never look at a ski hill the same again.

Prerequisite: Recommend NTSC Ski step 6 or higher; Snowboard Intermediate or higher. Limit 24 people

Club ChampionshipsOne of NTSC’s greatest days of the season, always fun and a great turn out and fabulous social.  You will be guided through the event by our amazing snowsports team.  Everyone from Ski step 3/Snowboard Novice and above will have access to a course that matches their ability.  It is fun to race yourself and see if you can beat your time.  There will be awards for the fastest in each level category and more. 

Ski Clinics  

Carving This clinic will show you how to develop balance on your edges while carving arcs in the snow.

SteepsLearn some key approaches to manage your way down steep terrain in comfort and control.

VideoYou will have the opportunity to see yourself on video with guided professional feedback based on what you see.

Introduction to JumpsLearn to jump, to launch, land, proper safety and etiquette.

Short TurnLearn some of the secrets and technique to develop your short turns and as a result better enjoy more of the mountain terrain.

Gates Come and see how much fun it can be to ski with gates as training tools and challenges, which will develop your skills.  This is not “race training” but creating an environment that promotes skill improvement.

Bumps Learn from the best how to navigate in the bumps and how to use them to make skis turns easier and faster.  

RaceIt is fun to learn where to look and turn when running gates and then how to get fast! It is a thrill, on a closed course for practice.


Snowboard Clinics  

Introduction to Terrain Park - Using a safe and progressive approach, this member session is for snowboarders who are new to entering the Snowboard Park. 

Freeride Jam Great for those looking to get lots of mileage on the snow and make the maximum use of terrain available at the resort while still getting a few valuable tips to improve your freeride skills from your instructor.

Moguls - Some boarders like to shred the moguls! We will cater to those who have never entered a mogul field before, and to those who are seasoned veterans.

Introduction to Jumps - We will use a progressive approach and learn how to get some air off of moguls and terrain park jumps.

Race/Carving - We will teach snowboarders of various ability levels to race downhill through a set of race gates and how to improve your time by taking the 'best line'.

Boardercross - You'll learn to safely ride and take the most efficient line through the boardercross course and features such as banked turns, berms, rollers, and step-ups.

Our famous All-Day Beginner program

For the first 6 weekends of the season, we offer all day lessons for our beginning students at no additional cost. Enjoy small class sizes and dedicated instruction to get yourself mountain ready as quickly as possible. Our team have years of experience teaching learners of all ages and backgrounds.

This program is available to Ski Step 0-2 and Snowboard Neverever/Beginners. After the first 6 weeks, Beginner lessons are still available but only in the morning.

afternoon Private SKI Lessons:

For those looking for some extra guidance or to focus on something specific, NTSC offers our members private ski lessons in the afternoon.  NTSC has some of the best instructors in North America.  They are ready to help you reach your skiing goals.

Needed Information

  • Sign up for a daytrip as either a drive up or bus participant. You can still take a morning group lesson if you choose to as private lessons run in the afternoon from 1:30 to 3:00 pm. 
  • Sign up for a private lesson from the home page or the Alpine Snow School Page. (See lesson schedule below)
  • You may request a specific NTSC ski instructor and we will try to accommodate.
  • There are no limit to the number of private lessons you can book.
  • Lesson rates can be found in the event details available below.
  • More information found in the event pages below: 

NTSC Snowschool Privates  

  • No upcoming events

Check your email inbox for confirmation of both your day trip and private lesson bookings and stay tuned for more information on where to met your instructor. 

If you have questions reach out to us here:


As a club, we spend a significant amount of our budget to be able to deliver our first-class (and unlimited) lesson programming to our membership.

However, we frequently have members who register for lessons and then don't show up for the trip - at significant cost to NTSC and its members.

In an effort to avoid wasting club resources and to ensure lesson availability for all of our members, we charge a small $15 fee to members who miss registered lessons.

** Reminder - all lessons can be cancelled with no fee, up until the trip registration closes.

High Performance Training & Coaching

Our Snow School is just as well known for developing high-end Skiers and Snowboarders.

Are you already a carving master? Speed-fanatic?  Wannabe racer? 

With numerous highly certified instructors, we turn a day-trip into a high level training opportunity to help you unlock the next level in your abilities. All at no additional cost!

BecomING an instructor

Take your skills even further and become a certified ski or snowboard instructor.


Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance (CSIA)

NTSC Level 1 Instructor Academy

As an advanced skier at Step 6 or higher, you will join our CSIA Level 3 & 4 Instructors  for 6 days of instructor training spread over 3 weekends (January 20/21; January 27/28; February 3/4)

Through this intensive program, we develop your skiing ability and introduce you to the Canadian ski-teaching methodology.

As an officially recognized CSIA program, this course culminates in a Level 1 Certification Assessment for candidates that succeed in meeting the standard.

For more information, please click here: NTSC Level 1 - Ski Instructor Academy.


Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors (CASI)

NTSC Snowboard Instructor Apprentice Program

As a snowboard student of advanced ability, you will shadow our NTSC instructors during lessons and get hands-on experience that will help you train for CASI 1 certification. 

First check out the CASI website for more information about CASI 1 instructor course requirements, course dates/locations, and the CASI 1 Course Guide and then contact the NTSC Snowboard School, or talk with one of our snowboard instructors for more details about this NTSC program.

NTSC has a number of successful graduates of this program who successfully passed the CASI 1 course, and are currently teaching with the club!



Led by Technical Director, Jeff Sinclair (CSIA Level 4 and Level 4 Course Conductor) NTSC ski instructors are some of the most trained ski pros in the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance (CSIA). 

The team participates in regular training to keep up to date with latest technical standards, class management and guest experience knowledge.


The NTSC snowboard instructor team is certified by the Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors (CASI) and is led by Technical Director, Jason Hewitt (CASI Level 3, CASI Park Instructor and CASI Carving Instructor).

Our snowboard instructors hold CASI certifications from level 1 - 3, along with specialty certifications that allow us to host clinics such as carving, terrain park, racing, free riding and just plain old looking good on the slopes!


Skiing, snowboarding and other activities that take place at ski areas can involve the risk of injury or concussion - and we want to see you on a future trip! Learn your responsibilities, how you can stay safe and how to recognize a concussion on our Snow Safety page.

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