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New members, join us in 2019/2020

  • 20 Sep 2019
  • Toronto

Registration is closed

New member NTSC registration for 2019/2020

Our New Member Registration opens on September 20, 2019. Check back on this page in September for more details on membership fees, charters and why you should join NTSC.


Why should you join NTSC?
NTSC is the premier ski club in Toronto, ON. We usually cap our membership at 1150 members and we sell out every year. If you enjoy winter sports (Skiing/Snowboarding/Cross Country Skiing), we can provide this for the months between December - April.

Is NTSC just for Alpine Skiers? Can Snowboarders or Nordic skiers join?
25% of our club are also Cross Country Skiers (Nordic) and  25% (That percentage is growing) are snowboarders.  We do have a large % that are Alpine Skiers as well.

Does NTSC have a pick-up in Toronto, ON. Where are the Pick Up Locations?
Yes. For our affordable membership fee, NTSC organizes luxury coach buses to and from local ski hills (Mount St. Louis Moonstone + Blue Mountain on weekends and private local hills on Wednesday). All you have to do is show-up at the pick-up location (There are 3 locations in Toronto) , get on a bus, ski for the full day and get back on the bus to take you back to Toronto. No driving to-and-from the ski hill is required!

Where are are these Pick Up Locations? What are the Pick Up Times?
We currently have (3) pick-up locations in Toronto, ON.
a) Mount Pleasant and Davisville (Merton Street).
b) York Mill Subway Station (Right next to the Starbucks)
c) Hwy 400 and Hwy 7 (Passenger Pick Up Lot)

Our pick-up times are early in the morning ranging from 7:00am - 7:45am. We drop you off at around 5:30pm - 6:00pm back in Toronto, ON

How much are the Local Day Trips for NTSC (Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday)?
Our Local Day Trips usually range from $85 - $95 (per day)  for alpine skiers and snowboarders. Nordic day trips are cheaper ranging on the location of where they go.

What do I get for the Day for this fee?
The Local Day Trip usually includes the following:

a) Round Trip Transportation to-and-from the local hill in a luxury coach 52 seat bus. (We usually have more than one bus to go up to the hill depending on registration numbers). No more driving up Highway 400 in stormy conditions to-and from ski hills.

b) Lift ticket is included. 

c) 2 hour - 2.5 hours lessons with a qualified CASI/CANSI/CSIA Instructor in the morning (Usually from 10am - 12pm) every time you participate with NTSC. For Never-Ever or Beginners, you will receive a Full Day lesson until your instructor feels that you are safe to go independently on your own.

For intermediates and advanced students, you have the afternoon to practice what you learned from your instructor.  The lesson is included in your membership fee! No more paying the resort for extra ski/snowboard/nordic lessons! Our lessons are worth the membership price alone!

Are Lessons offered with NTSC?
YES. We have a very qualified Snow School for Alpine Skiers, Snowboarders and Nordic Skiers. All of are instructors are CSIA / CASI and CANSI Certified. Most of our instructors are at the Level 2 standard and more than qualified to teach never-evers, beginners, intermediates and Advanced students of all levels. We also have a handful of Level 3 CSIA/CASI Certified instructors and (2) L4 Ski instructors on our snow school staff. One of them is even a L4 Examiner - (which is one of the highest certified level in the CSIA ranks)

NTSC has a ski ranking System (that closely follows CSIA/CASI/CANSI) so you can ski/board with members at your same ski/board level.

When are these lessons offered with NTSC?
For Alpine Skiers, ski lessons are offered at ALL levels (From never ever to Advanced) every weekend (Saturday/Sunday) at local Ontario hills and Wednesday (At local Ontario private hills). For Snowboarders and Nordic skiers, lessons are offered every weekend. Our lessons start in January and run to end of March for every season.

Are Ski Equipment / Snowboard Rentals included with NTSC?
No. If you want to rent ski / snowboard equipment , you must rent them from the local hill.

Does NTSC offer lessons outside of Ontario?
No. For insurance purposes, NTSC do not offer ski lessons outside of Ontario. Our Charter trips or our trips to USA, NTSC does not offer lessons. However, you can arrange a lesson (or group lesson with fellow NTSC members) with the local ski resort that NTSC is planning to visit.

Can anybody attend our out-of-province (or International) Charter trips?
No. You must be a member to sign-up and join our charters trip.

Can I invite a guest to NTSC for a local day trip?
Yes. A current member can invite a guest (up to 3 times) for the length of the season. We do offer an Open House day in January for new members to try our club.

Can my kids attend NTSC?
No. NTSC is an adults-only club. 19+ for Guests and Members. NTSC is an Adults only club and only Adults (Guests and Members) would be allowed on day trips and charters.

Any other questions outside of this FAQ, please e-mail me at:


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