Charters code of conduct

All participants on an NTSC Charter Trip have accepted and must act in accordance with this Charters Code of Conduct.

  1. Generally accepted rules of normal conduct apply at all times. The Board of Directors may approach you at any time for discussion regarding any abnormal conduct to serve the interest of the Club and all of its members. The Director in charge, his/her appointee (Trip Leader or Charter Committee Chairs) or any Board member may, at his/her discretion, deal with any abnormal conduct by a member or individual participating on an NTSC Charter Trip.
  2. All trip participants must know and abide by the Alpine Responsibility Code while skiing and/or snowboarding on the trip.
  3. All Trip Leader decisions are final and supported by the Director.
  4. Illegal drugs are not permitted.
  5. If any damage is caused by an individual participating on a NTSC Charter Trip, the cost of repair will be charged to that individual and may be required to be paid before checking out of the accommodation for that NTSC Charter Trip.
  6. The appointed Trip Leader has the right to remove you from the Charter trip if you do not abide by the rules above. All costs associated with the removal will be your responsibility.
  7. Termination of participation in NTSC Charter Trips or NTSC Membership will occur if the Board determines that your behaviour poses a threat to the physical security, safety or general well-being of other club members on an NTSC Charter Trip or future NTSC Charter Trips.

We live in and around the city and love to ski and snowboard! Established in 1960, North Toronto Ski Club is a traveling downhill/alpine, cross-country and snowboard club run by member volunteers. Our club is small enough to be open and friendly but big enough to provide all the benefits of a large ski club of 1,100 members.

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