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Cross-country ski school

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Led by Nordic Technical Director Chris Clarke.   

Whether it's your first time out, you are a seasoned cross-country skier, or you are somewhere in between, consider taking a lesson with our team of Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors (CANSI).  They will help you improve your technique, face hills with confidence and reduce your risk of injuries.

Cross-Country Ski School by the Numbers

Instructor numbers by certification level



Student Levels

Cross-country skiing is divided into two types - Classic and Skate.


This is the traditional method of skiing performed on either groomed tracks or other terrain.  Classic skiing is easily adjustable to any pace or fitness level.  If you would like to try cross country classic is the best place to start.  NTSC skis at a wide variety of cross country locations that all have classic trails and provide rentals.  It costs between $20 and $30 a day for cross country ski rentals.


The newer style of performance Nordic skiing requires machine groomed surfaces and is best done with specifically made ski equipment.  Skate skiing is aerobic and fast.  If you are in good shape and/or want to go fast then you should consider this fun alternative to classic.  Just about everywhere the ski club goes has skate skiing trails.  Rentals are a little more expensive than classic equipment.

Cross-Country Lesson Series

If you are new to cross country skiing or have not skied in a long time then NTSC recommends that you take one of the beginner series for either Classic or Skate skiing.  The series ensure that you have the same instructor for three lessons giving you both a chance to develop your skills and set goals for future improvement.

Interested in becoming an instructor?

If you are already a strong skier and you are interested in advancing your skills, consider becoming an instructor!  NTSC assists our instructors to qualify and maintain CANSI certification and provides ongoing skill improvement opportunities. Instructors are paid and receive complimentary bus and trail fees on the days they teach. Please speak with one of our instructors for more information.

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