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Charters Pick-up locations

Your trip leader will confirm the time and pick-up location when you sign up for any charter trip.


There two pick up locations.

  1. York Mills TTC Station at York Mills Road and Yonge Street (where day trips pick up), for people taking the subway or getting dropped off.  No overnight parking is available.  Please bear in mind the subway hours on Sundays and holidays, as applicable.
  2. For those driving, pickup and parking will be available at Parking Lot H of the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus, see below.

Departure from York Mills will be:

     7:00 AM for Maine Mid-Week and Vermont Triple Play

     8:00 AM for Quebec City/New Years

     9:00 AM for Eastern Townships,Tremblant Keener, and Tremblant Spring

     Departure from UTSC is typically 20-30 minutes later (depending on traffic). 


  • The parking lot for overnight parking on weekend trips will be Parking Lot H of the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus. Park near the corner of Morningside Drive and Military Trail. The Bus will load on Pan Am Drive between Lot H and Lot G.
  • Please see this google maps link for directions, this pdf link for a map of the UTSC parking lots, or put "1012 Military Trail, Scarborough, ON" into your GPS for the closest approximation.
  • Fee for parking is $5 per day. Your trip leader will confirm the final details Please pay your trip leader, and he/she will provide you with a pass you can use to exit.


Unless otherwise advised, weeklong trips leave from Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Each member is responsible for their own transportation to and from the airport (including parking). Please ensure you arrive at the gate well before the posted departure time. We will not be responsible to make arrangements for individuals that miss their flight.

Skis and snowboards are considered oversized luggage and may require additional processing time by the airline prior to departure. To ensure your equipment makes the flight please allow ample check-in time before departure.

IMPORTANT:  Please check the airline's policy regarding luggage restrictions, fees, and rules of traveling with ski or snowboard equipment, as it may change.

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