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Alpine Day trips 2020-2021 Update:

Alpine Day trips is working hard to bring you another great season. We are working through the new protocols and talking with the buses and resorts to find out what is going to be needed to safely get you onto the hills.


We have had extensive conversations with the bus companies over the last month and we now have some strong ideas of what a bus trip will look like.
  • While provincial guidelines allow bus companies to fill buses completely, we are anticipating reduced capacity (50%) on each bus for the safety and comfort of our members.
  • Buses have upgraded their circulation systems to completely recycle the air in the bus every 10 minutes.
  • Buses have been equipped with sanitizer to use during the trip.
  • Buses will be completely cleaned before and after every trip.
  • Buses may become more important places on our day trips as preparing for the ski day may need to happen on the bus as opposed to the chalet. Extra room will be necessary to make this possible.
  • Masks will be mandatory on buses for all members at all times.


Every resort will have different rules and regulations for what is going to work for them. They aren’t ready with those protocols yet. Their plans are going to have to be approved by Health Officials, and then communicated out to organizations like ours.

Most are talking about reduced capacity on the hill and in their chalets, possibly setting up tents, reserving times for lunch in advance, etc. We will update this page when we know more.


The changes that are required for both buses and resorts will have an impact on our costs. We are hoping to keep the average cost of Alpine Day Trips to around $115. We will update this estimate in the weekly e-blasts that the club will delivering to our members and also on the website as they become more certain.


NTSC has always been about people - our great members, getting together to learn, smile and laugh. It will be different this year, but the spirit of who we are and what we do will still be there, and shine through.

We hope to see you on the hills with us this winter!

North Toronto Ski Club is a traveling ski (alpine and nordic) and snowboard club run by member volunteers.

About our Day trips

We offer Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday day trips for alpine skiers and snowboarders;  Saturday and Sunday day trips for nordic skiers to destinations in and around Ontario. For those who would like to get away for the day we have three convenient bus pick-up points around the city and our destinations vary each day. We offer Wednesday getaways to the private clubs near Collingwood, Ontario. Just check our website or Facebook group for our schedule, departure times, trip costs or other information.

Day trips are a great way to get to know other skiers or boarders as they tend to always come out on the same day each week! This way you'll always know someone on the bus! Check our day trips schedule to see which day trips are followed by an Après party. Trips with an Après stay at the hill until the posted time and allow members to socialize during various themed events such as, beach night, Mardi-Gras, toga party etc.

Pickup locations

Our three pickup points are Merton Street (near Davisville subway station), York Mills & Yonge (at the entrance to York Mills subway station) and Hwy7 & Hwy 400.

We use Coach Canada buses. These are usually white or red and will often display "North Toronto Ski Club" or "Bus 1/2/3" in the front window. However, different buses occasionally appear, and other clubs use some of our pickup locations, so ask if you're not sure. 


Membership entitles you to lessons on every scheduled Saturday and Sunday beginning in January for approximately 10-12 weeks. Lessons on Wednesday day trips are based on instructor availability and therefore cannot be guaranteed.

Registering for a day trip

To book a day trip just use the convenient Online Sign-up booking system on the website. You can sign up for Saturday and Sunday trips up until midnight Wednesday and you can sign up for Wednesday trips until midnight Sunday. Please note that if we are very close to full capacity on buses, sign-up for the trips may close earlier.  So if you're planning to sign up for a day trip, don't wait until the last minute. 

Cancelling a registration

To get a full credit if you cancel a trip, Weekend day trips must be canceled by 8:00 PM on the Tuesday before the trip and Wednesday day trips must be canceled by 8:00 PM the Friday before the trip by emailing bookings@ntsc.ca If you cancel after these deadlines you will only receive partial credit equal to the lift ticket portion of the price (you still owe the bus portion since your seat is guaranteed.)

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