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Pick-up Locations

For most day trips, we pick up at 3 locations:

On some trips, we also pick up at QEW and Bronte road in Oakville.

Finding the bus

We use Coach Canada. Buses are usually white or red,  but not always! Check the sign in the front window for "North Toronto Ski Club", "Bus #", or ask if you're not sure. 

Note that we often share pick up locations with other clubs, so make sure you're on the right bus!

214 Merton St.

See the Google map

Pick up is directly in front of the NTSC clubhouse at 214 Merton Street. Merton Street is the first traffic light south of Davisville Avenue, and the clubhouse is between Yonge and Mount Pleasant. 

If you are taking public transit, we recommend that you board at York Mills Road instead. This location is a long walk from Davisville TTC station.


There are two pay parking lots on Merton just east of Yonge. The current weekend parking charge is $3/day.
Rumor has it that they tow cars in this area!


See the Google map.  

Pick up is on the east side of Yonge Street, just north of York Mills. This is the recommended location if you are taking public transit/TTC.

Note: Other clubs also use this location as a pick-up point, so make sure you get on the right bus!

On the return trip, drop-off is on the west side of Yonge, adjacent to the parking lot and immediately beside the subway entrance.


Parking is available in the parking lot immediately across the road, at 4050 Yonge Street on the north-west corner of Yonge and York Mills. The parking lot has recently changed ownership, and rates have changed. Construction has also reduced the number of parking spaces. 

You are responsible for any parking costs. The current weekend parking charge is approximately $5/day (until 7 PM). The parking lot payment stations accept cash or credit cards only. They do not accept debit cards and there is no change making machine. Be sure to bring loonies and toonies if you plan to pay cash.

Highway 7 & 400

See the Google map

Pick up is the commuter parking area located on the south side of Hwy 7, west of the 400 and to the East of Colossus Drive. Note that you can't turn left from Highway 7 on to Colossus Drive - instead, take the next left turn on Famous Drive, and go around the movie theater.

Note: Other clubs also use this location as a pick-up point, so make sure you get on the right bus!


Park on the east side of the bridge closest to the 400.   The bus will only stop on this side of the bridge and if you park on the other side, you'll either miss the bus or have to walk about 500m around to the east side.

Please follow the parking lot regulations and instructions.  You are responsible for any parking costs, however there is currently no charge to park in this location.

QEW / BRONTE RD, Oakville

See the Google map 

Pick up is beside the QEW / Bronte Rd. off-ramp.

Note: This pick-up point is only available for selected trips, typically when the resort is south of Toronto.

We live in and around the city and love to ski and snowboard! Established in 1960, North Toronto Ski Club is a traveling downhill/alpine, cross-country and snowboard club run by member volunteers. Our club is small enough to be open and friendly but big enough to provide all the benefits of a large ski club of 1,100 members.

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