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Bump Clinic #3

  • 15 Mar 2020

Bumps Clinic:

The Bumps Clinic will give skiers a chance to build confidence and comfort in the bumps.  We will group skiers based on proficiency in skiing in bumps (Intro to Expert) and will work with these groups in varied terrain to build on your skills.  Learn tactics to help you navigate the “line” and how to ski bumps based on your current ability.  This is a great clinic for anyone wanting to build their skills for Charter Trips and to make Spring Skiing even more fun.  (Recommended for strong Step 6 skiers and above.)


To sign up for a Bumps Clinic, make sure to select this when you register for your Day Trip.  When you arrive for lessons ask where the Bumps Clinic Groups are meeting.  This clinic is purposely scheduled later in the season when we hope to have nice, soft bumps to train in.  If the conditions are not conducive, your instructor may adapt to the terrain available.

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