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  • 01 Jun 2020
  • 31 May 2021


Snow has always been wonderful to interact with, especially when growing up in a warm climate country. Since immigrating to Canada in the Summer of 2013, I have been hitting the snow every winter. My experience is mostly around Nordic and Alpine skiing, although in 2019, I mainly invested my time in snowboarding. Around that time, I first heard about the idea of ski clubs from a good friend, who enticed me to join, and 2020 was my first season with the club.

There is no need to waste time and energy driving in traffic or through snowstorms to enjoy winter activities. Instead, there is a good chunk of time to relax, get to know fellow adventurers and form some friendships while feeling so much better with one's environmentalism-driven values to prevent so many cars on the road. NTSC offers value in providing access to nature and outdoors both sustainably and socially while having the opportunities to continuously improve one's skill level and social circle at a great price.

I am honoured to contribute my time and professional expertise in project and operations management to NTSC's wellbeing as part of the Board and work with a very strong team through the various current challenges. I look forward to meeting and talking with members about our club and how we can continue to provide an excellent experience. If you see me on the bus, snow, socials, or just bump into me in Toronto, please feel free to reach out. I would love all suggestions regarding the Nordic program and the club going forward.

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