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2019 / 2020 NTSC Board of Directors
President: Nicholas Van Sluytman
Secretary: Stephanie Hall
Charters: Alastair McKeating
Snow School: Allison Sharpe
Nordic: Michael Leigh
Marketing & Membership: Brian Pho
Operations & Technology: Geoff Temple
Socials: Stuart Teather

Not in Photo:
Alpine Day Trips
: Laura Gardiner

Treasurer: Heather Muirhead
Vice President: Tim Stoate

    • 01 Jun 2019
    • 31 May 2020
    • NTSC - President


    I started snowboarding as an older participant with no background in it or any activities like it (skiing, skateboarding, etc.). I was looking for a way to embrace winter rather than hibernate from it. After two years of driving my daughters and myself up to Barrie for our lessons, my daughters dropped out to pursue other activities, leaving me on my own for snowboarding. I discovered NTSC through a friend, and my snowboarding (and winters) has flourished!

    I no longer waste energy driving in traffic or through snow storms to enjoy my winter activity. Relax on the bus to the resort, participate in the free two hour lesson in the morning (by the way, I now TEACH snowboarding with NTSC), socialize at lunch, ride with friends in the afternoon, relax on the bus ride home. Also, I knew no one in the club when I started. Just by going regularly on day trips and participating in charter trips, I now have many “snow friends” whom I enjoy seeing every winter.

    Feel free to use my blueprint above to get the most out of winter and NTSC!

    • 01 Jun 2019
    • 31 May 2020


    This is my fourth year as a member at NTSC and I wish I’d joined earlier. The people, the skiing, the lessons, the fun, the trips and the convenience make for a great overall experience. This volunteer club runs better than some businesses I encounter!

    My own ski journey started when I was seven as a new immigrant. Yes, I wore leather lace up boots and rode wooden skis with bear trap bindings. But skiing got put aside for numerous other activities and I left the slopes for over 30 years. One of my daughters wanted to try and after renting better equipment than I’d ever owned we both had a lesson (an interesting concept – who knew!) the journey started for her and restarted for me. 

    It’s a great challenge to continue to improve and fun to enjoy the slopes. I’ve now skied in 23 countries, combining my loves of meeting people, travelling and skiing. There have been surprises, hiccups and disappointments, but the snow beckons!

    I am very honoured to contribute to the wellbeing of the club as part of the Board and working with a very strong team. I Iook forward to meeting and talking with members about our club and how we can continue to provide an excellent experience.

    • 01 Jun 2019
    • 31 May 2020


    I was fortunate enough to grow up in BC where I spent all of my winters from the age of 3 on the snow and in the mountains … loving every minute of it. When I moved to Toronto in 2016, I didn’t know where to ski and missed my time on the hills immensely. Last year I discovered NTSC and it quickly became my community and gateway into Toronto. I really enjoyed getting out as much as possible and sharing my passion with a group of like-minded, fun and enthusiastic skiers / boarders that I am now happy to call my friends.

    I enjoyed my experience with NTSC so much that I decided to jump in with both feet to plan the daytrips for 2017/2018. I want all members to enjoy this great sport and will work with the resorts, bus companies and our IT department to bring you the best experience possible for a travelling ski club. You should expect nothing less from NTSC!

    If you see me on the bus, on the hill, at any of the socials, or just bump into me downtown, feel free to reach out! I’d love all suggestions regarding Day Trips and the Club!

    Funny note about me: I love the rain, because when it’s raining in the mainland it usually means it’s snowing in the mountains!  I look forward to you sharing a funny thing about yourself with me!

    (Editors Note: Laura was the winner of our Most Enthusiastic New Member in 2016/2017)



    • 01 Jun 2019
    • 31 May 2020