Code of conduct

The following Code of Conduct applies to all Members and Guests:

1. Abide by and uphold the Club's Bylaws, Harassment Policy and Code of Conduct.

2. Treat other Members, Guests, staff of venues and other patrons (where a Club Activity is being held) fairly, equally and with respect and courtesy.

3. Behave responsibly and conduct themselves in a manner which will not damage the reputation of the Club, its Activites and Members.

4. Refrain from Unacceptable Behaviour or Harassment of other Members and Guests.

5. Abide by all local laws and regulations.

6. Illegal drugs are not permitted during Club Activities.

7. Acknowledge and abide by the Alpine Responsibility Code and Cross Country Responsibility Code while skiing and/or snowboarding. For details refer to: https://www.skipatrol.ca/safety-injury-prevention/responsibility-codes/

8. Refrain from using the Club as a forum to publish, post, distribute, or disseminate any defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, or illegal materials.

9. Refrain from promoting my products or services within the Club and not post commercial offers or promotions in the Club or on the Club's social media sites.

10. Honour personal debts to the Club:

- Pay any fees in a timely manner, in relation to a Club Activity which has been committed to, regardless of whether the Member attends the event or not.

- Acknowledge that tickets for Club Activity’s cannot be transferred or sold to a non-Member.

We live in and around the city and love to ski and snowboard! Established in 1960, North Toronto Ski Club is a traveling downhill/alpine, cross-country and snowboard club run by member volunteers. Our club is small enough to be open and friendly but big enough to provide all the benefits of a large ski club of 1,100 members.

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