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Registration process

North Toronto Ski Club Charter Trips Registration Process 2018-2019 Season

Registration for Cervinia opens at 10am Saturday  June 23rd.
Registration for all charter trips will be done online at www.ntsc.ca.

Whats new for the Cervinia Sign up?

We are working to make the sign up process easier and eliminate unnecessary steps. Adjustments to the sign up process are detailed below. More spots are reserved for this year's trip, but there are still limitations due to flights and room availability.

Details on the adjusted sign up process:

Step 1: Cervinia Priority List

·         On Saturday June 23rd at 10:00 am, the Cervinia Priority List will be opened up to NTSC Members. Spots will be assigned based on the order of form submission.

·         Joining the Cervinia Priority List is free and minimal information will be required.

·         Once submitted - you will receive an email confirming you are on the Priority List (please note - you aren't on the trip just yet).

·         Charters Committee will assign the spots available based on the order of the Priority List, trying to keep couples together and providing a limited number of spots for Charters Committee volunteers. 

How to fill out the Cervinia Priority List Form:

·         The following fields will be pulled from your membership: Email, First Name, Last Name, Phone Number
·         You will need to enter:  Gender, and  Preferred Roommate
·         If no roommate – enter "None"

·         Click "x" to confirm you understand and agree to the NTSC Code of Conduct,

·         Click "x" to confirm you understand and agree to the Charter Trip Waiver,

·         Click "Yes" to indicate you understand you must rejoin NTSC for the 2019 Season – in order to be   
          eligible for the trip.

·         You will then be asked to review and confirm your information. Click "Confirm" to finalize.


Step 2: Registration

·         If you have secured a spot, you will receive an email with further instructions to complete your registration.

We live in and around the city and love to ski and snowboard! Established in 1960, North Toronto Ski Club is a traveling downhill/alpine, cross-country and snowboard club run by member volunteers. Our club is small enough to be open and friendly but big enough to provide all the benefits of a large ski club of 1,100 members.

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