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Registration process

North Toronto Ski Club Charter Trips Registration Process 2019-2020 Season

Sign up for all charter trips will be done online and consists of three steps

Step 1: Priority List

  • A Priority List is a mechanism we have adopted to allow members with varying degrees of keyboarding skills and a range of technical constraints (notably Internet speed) to compete equally for a spot on a trip. Popular trips can sell out within a minute or two of going on sale (so when we advise you to be ready to register for a Priority List the moment the web page opens up, take us literally). 

  • Most trips enable the Priority Lists on one advertised date (a Saturday) with one go-live time for week long/air trips quickly followed by a second go-live for weekend/bus trips. Some trip Priority Lists -- for those requiring earlier confirmation with the Tour Operators -- may be enabled weeks in advance of others. Spots will generally be assigned based on the order of form submission (see below for exceptions). Log into the NTSC site and navigate to the Priority List web page for your preferred trip. Click the register button and start typing. Ensure this minimal information is correct.

  • Joining the Priority List is free and minimal information will be required.  Fields include Name, email, phone number, gender, and your rooming preferences.  You must also confirm that you agree to the club's code of conduct and charters waiver.
  • Once submitted - you should promptly receive an automatically generated email confirming you are on the Priority List. If you don't see that confirmation, check your SPAM folderPlease note - you aren't on the trip just yet.
  • The Charters Committee will assign the spots based on the order of signup, with the exception of keeping couples together, matching the gender of roommates with no preferred roommate, and accommodating single room requests.

Step 1(a) Wait List and Direct Registration

  • After the initial frenzy of trips going on sale is over we will at some point close down the Priority List for a trip. 

    • If numerous open spots remain (i.e. we're  not yet at the stage where we need to vet numbers) members can click a Register button directly for a trip. 
    • If the Charters Committee needs to closely monitor/control the order in which members are added (the trip is at or approaching capacity) members can add themselves to a Wait List. We will progress through the Wait List in order and offer spots in essentially the same manner as with the original Priority List. A Wait List is not a guarantee of eventually getting on the trip. Especially when the trip is at capacity, an offer to register will only be extended if someone on the trip cancels. 
  • In either case members will be prompted for additional registration information at this stage of the registration process. Take your time and complete all of the information as it will help the Committee and the Tour Operator proceed to add you to the trip (see next two steps).

Step 2: Registration with NTSC

  • If you have secured a spot, you will receive an email with further instructions to complete your registration within a deadline -- typically 2-5 days. That invitation will often contain a link to a private ntsc.ca event page along with a code to continue with the detailed registration process. Note: do NOT give this code to anyone else (including your partner; they will receive the same email with the same code). At this point members can only be invited to join the trip by the NTSC Charters Committee (so that we can ensure invitations are sent in order and we can balance rooming). 
  • Instructions vary depending on the type of trip but start with a request to pay the initial fee to NTSC ($25 for bus trips; $40 for week long trips). This fee is non-refundable! (The exception to this process is for the Keener trip in December where you will make a single payment to NTSC inclusive of the initial fee).
  • Unless we've already asked for additional information -- if you got to this step via Step 1(a) -- we will ask for additional registration information primarily intended to help us pair single members with no named roommate preference. 
  • NTSC will promptly send an email/receipt confirming your payment of the initial fee to NTSC and providing further payment and registration instructions. If you don't see that confirmation, check your SPAM folder. Instructions for final payment will differ for the Spring trip to Tremblant.  
Step 3: Registration with the Tour Operator
  • For trips operated by Vacation Station, Voyages Gendron, and SkiCan you will be asked for personal information (including passport details such as birth date) to facilitate airfare booking. Ensure that information is correct, airline fees to change/correct names will incur fees.
  • Express Tours (for Maine, Triple Play, Eastern Townships, and Quebec City/New Years) has built web pages for each trip. The link to those pages will be on the registration confirmation in Step 2 above. Again, the link and the invitation must come from the Charters Committee. 
  • You are not fully registered until you have sent the Tour Operator the deposit and your registration details!!
  • You should be aware of dates for final payment to the Tour Operator posted on the ntsc.ca web page for the trip and the Tour Operators form (or in the case of Express Tours, their web page). Be aware of whether your credit card will be automatically debited or whether you need to proactively pay the Tour Operator.

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