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APRÈs trip info

Ever had a day that was just so good you didn’t want to leave?

Us too! So, we stay and party! An après is basically an after-ski/snowboarding party and is a great way for the members to socialize.

The Après for both Nordic and Alpine are identified on the schedule.

Alpine APRÈS

On downhill/snow boarding day trips, we normally leave a resort about 4:30pm or 5:00pm. On a few Saturdays during the season we'll be staying at the ski area until 10 PM to do some NTSC style après partying.  This includes an après in Ellicottville New York, and after the Club Championships at MSLM.

Bring a change of clothes and your dancing shoes

Remember to bring along a change of clothes and your dancing shoes which you can store in a locker in the chalet during the day. All the public resorts have rental lockers.

Blue Mountain’s lockers are coin operated. Getting change is difficult, so bring lots of quarters, loonies and toonies. The upstairs lockers in the South Base lodge are less expensive than those in the rental area, but not as big.

Mount St. Louis (MSLM) requires a $5 deposit which allows you unlimited in-out access and you’ll receive $1 back when you turn in the key at the end of the day.

Jeans and casual wear are the norm, but sometimes there are theme parties too!
Most folks will stop skiing/boarding around 3:30pm-4:00pm so they can get out of their ski wear or boarding apparel and change into their “partying clothes”.

Where to change?

A few brave souls change in the bus washroom, but unless you are a contortionist, gymnast or like tight, confined spaces, changing in the resort’s washrooms is the preferred route. The buses will open about 4:00pm so members can take their skis or boards back to the bus to store them in the luggage compartments under the bus and to store their boot bags and boots on the bus.

What’s for dinner?

Ellicottville features a variety of excellent restaurants and the members will congregate at the designated “Party Central” bar afterwards. Mount St Louis Moonstone will have menu items available in their cafeteria prior to the Club Championship après. Get in line early if you are a dessert aficionado. They have an apple crumble pie that goes way too fast!

What time do we return?

The parties will wind down around 9:30pm so the buses can depart for Toronto at 10:00pm.

Nordic Après

Nordic Après almost always involve eating, one of our favorite activities besides cross country skiing and snowshoeing. The cost for Après is included into the cost of the day out with the club.

Bring a change of clothes

You may want to bring a change of clothes or stay in your ski duds, depending on your preference. Most folks change into jeans or other casual wear before we leave the resort – feels so good!

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